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 In the light of the situation with Coronavirus pandemic I offer Skype, email and telephone counselling only. If you experience financial difficulties I might consider charging a lower fee.

My name is Sofia and I am a psychotherapeutic counsellor and  therapist in private practice located in Chichester. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). My practice is walking distance from Chichester city centre.   I provide long or short term face-to-face counselling, online  therapy, Time Focused Therapy, Brief Solution Focused Therapy and Single Session Therapy. I provide therapy for depression and anxiety, panic attacks, sexual ans emotional abuse, unresolved trauma, family and work related issues, and other sensitive matters. 

Counselling and psychotherapy works with: depression and anxiety

 The work done through counselling and psychotherapy aims to develop emotional health in the person -  that includes setting healthier targets in life and also working with stereotypes and persistent parts of your inner self that hinder you. It allows you to voice your inner pain and to heal it. 

It helps to recognise emotions in yourself, and in others, to alleviate anxiety and cope with stress.  For some, that would be the first time in their lives that they have allowed themselves to be real, without pretence.

Being in therapy means entering unfamiliar territory. Because even if you have been in therapy before, the experience will have been different. And it will be different with every new therapist and at any other point in your life. Every time you will get something new from it.   My aim as a therapist is to help you recognise a burden that you carry and make it lighter, and in future to drop some of that burden and develop the ability to “travel light”.  

Counselling and psychotherapy are unique experiences which equip you with “tools” that you carry within yourself and you can use independently, long after you’ve finished your course of therapy. You learn how to love, respect and nurture yourself. You become more harmoniously attuned to others and able to build and maintain healthier, stronger relationships.